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Earn your welding certification at our shop in Las Vegas, NV.

Welding Nevada offers welding certification classes in Las Vegas, NV. There are a wide variety of welding certifications available. Our professional welders can help you decide which certificate you need to get the job you want. When you come by our shop to earn your welding certification, we'll put you through a series of welding tests. If you pass the tests, you'll be given your official certification and set on a course to starting a career as a certified welder.

Welding opportunities are practically endless

Welding opportunities are practically endless

Love working with your hands? Want to make money welding? Get your welding certification from Welding Nevada in Las Vegas, NV. With a welding certification, you'll be able to pursue the following trades:

Rig Welder
Structural Steel Welder
Metal Fabricator
Sheet metal worker

Call 702-644-9300 now to arrange for certification testing. We also offer a wide range of welding certification classes.

So how do I get certified to weld?

So how do I get certified to weld?

The actual steps

1. You need a Certified Welding Inspector (acknowledged by American Welding Society).

2. You need one or more welding coupons. 

3. You need welding equipment and supplies, including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

4. You need to perform the test. (for example: AWS code book D1.1, plate 1" thick, with backing strip, welded vertical up SMAW — 3g position, and overhead SMAW — 4g position, 2 different coupons.)

5. The CWI will then perform the bend tests (and/or other tests) on your coupons. The CWI will provide the paper form, and show his approval with his authorized stamp(s) and signature.


Which Weld Certification should I get?

The answer is not so easy.  Why? Because there are nearly an INFINITE number of Welding Certifications possible to obtain. For example, If you do a certification coupon that is a FILLET WELD (2f position) on 1/4" plate, then you are only qualified to do fillet welds, flat position, for thicknesses between 1/8" and 1/2" thick. This is a resonalble certification to have, but most job-sites and empoloyers would be greatly hindered by your qualifications (see AWS D1.1 code book). They can only alow you to weld under those circumstances, and nothing more. Like NO VERTICAL UP,  or NO OVERHEAD, or NO GROOVE JOINTS, etc. So basically, you won't be hired.

What do I recommend?  Assuming YOU ARE ABLE TO PASS.
     1" plate 3g, 4g SMAW or FCAW (includes dual shield) 

What does this qualify me for?

     Any position. 
     Any thickness.
     (must use the accepted range of variables like base metal, filler metal, etc. used in your performance test)

This will give you more value to employers and customers, because you can now weld any structural steel with your specific process, stick or wire. 

Welding the Test Coupon

Welding the Test Coupon

How I do it

In the D1.1 code book, you'll find the dimensions for the 1" plate test. This is done by cutting the pieces to approximately 3" x 5" each side, with a 22.5 degree bevel. Then tack to a backing strip. Make sure you have about a 1/4" gap AND make the backing strip about 7" long. That's 1" longer on the bottom and top for 3g position. You make it all the same way for 4g overhead. I'm not sure why the diagram doesn't show a longer backing strip.
With SMAW I usually weave the first two passes and then stringers for all the other passes. These days, we don't weave all passes... It's just too much heat. It's also what the amateurs do. Stringer = Pro.

How should my weld test plate look when I finish?

How should my weld test plate look when I finish?

Number of passes breakdown.

This plate took 10 passes total. They are all marked in the photo. This plate test was actually open root. There might be a long debate about cellulose rod types like 6010 or 7010 for the root pass vs. low hydrogen rods. Go with the Lo-Hi rod, then your cert is good on pretty much every job site.

How long will it take to weld a test plate?

How long will it take to weld a test plate?

You could be done in 20 min if you know what you are doing, but 2 hours is to be expected. I did this in 15 minutes... 3g vertical up, 1 " plate, Not capped yet in this photo. Obviously it's another hour or two to do the overhead.

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